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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Your Computer: Securing Against Spyware...

What are Spyware?

Spyware are programs that have the ability to scan systems, monitor activity and may relay information to other computers in cyberspace. They may look for passwords, log-in details, account numbers or other personal documents.

What are the symptoms?

•Very slow performance of your workstation.
•Inability to connect to Web sites.
•Numerous pop-up advertisements in Internet Explorer.
•Strange icons or toolbars that refuse to be removed.

What should I do to prevent spyware?

•Beware of pop-up windows asking you to download software. Only download software you trust or software you requested.
•Read the end-user license agreement before installing software to see if additional applications are part of the installation.
•If you choose to install software, select the "advanced" or "custom" install.This will allow you to de-select components and remove potential spyware from the installation process.



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