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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sales Service/Customer Support........

An important consideration during a purchase decision is the quality of after-sales service by the seller. To retain customer loyalty, local and multinational companies are increasingly focusing on after-sales service and customer support as a means of offering their consumers more value. India has a diversified industrial base. Indian consumers are familiar with a variety of locally available products and services. Domestic manufacturers have the added advantage of knowing their territories well. This makes it important for U.S. companies in this market to highlight their superior quality, innovative product features and after sales service in their selling efforts.

Engineering support for manufacturing technologies, medical equipment, state-of-the-art products and processes are required for successful sales to private firms, or to the Government of India, or one of its public enterprises. There are plenty of technically qualified workers in India available at reasonable rates to undertake customer support services, but these technicians must be properly trained. Most foreign companies doing business in India either have their own maintenance service centers or appoint well-trained service agents in the major Indian cities.

Call centers are burgeoning with overseas and Indian firms setting up centers for both domestic and international clients. In the face of intensifying competition, call centers are becoming an effective way to improve customer service.

Indian consumers are now getting increasingly aware of their rights and are demanding more from manufacturers. Several web sites on consumer rights have been launched to create such awareness, one of which is

Several Indian consumer awareness magazines exist to inform Indian consumers of their rights, and provide a comprehensive source of independent, objective information.


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