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Friday, November 14, 2008

While moving out...

The incident happened on 11/11/2008 while a person was returning home in his car:

Incident report: While back to home from office yesterday evening, my official blackberry mobile was stolen in the slow moving traffic area of Kurla – Sion (LBS Marg). This was happened at around 6.15PM. They were two persons, one dashed on left side of my car & started quarreling with me & other person stole the mobile from left front door

A Police complaint has been lodged at Dharavi Police station and theft is under investigation. The mobile SIM has been deactivated by calling service provider and IMEI number given to police.

Learning points:

1) Write and Keep your mobile IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) handy .

(dialing *#06# shows you the Serial Number which is a 15 digit unique number for your mobile) phone handset or can be found written at backside of your handset ones battery is removed. In lost/theft cases you need to give this IMEI number to your mobile phone telecom service provider and also to the police for tracking your mobile.

2) Lock your doors (and if possible windows) from inside at all times when vehicle is moving or parked 3) Stay calm and composed during a volatile situations

Please Stay vigilant of your belongings at all times whenever you are out.


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