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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unfair on the part of MARATHI manoos!...

It's really a sad week for all of us!...During this grievance, what we least expect from the so called responsible TV media is some sensible telecast of these appalling events. They should refrain themselves from some irrelevant stuffs as well.

On the contrary, on 28th November 2009, on NDTV 24X7, Mr. Pranoy ROY, a renowned personality in the TV media, missed no chance to spread venom against the Maharashtrians!...

Smses asking where Raj Thakaray and his MNS 'goondas' have been hidden and Mumbai was rescued by the north n south indian NSG persons (not by MARATHI maanoos)etc. had been splashed.

I am not a Raj THAKARAY fan, nor SUPPORT his violent tactics. But I do admire the Marathi cause upheld by him. You can call me 'biased' in this case. And what these people (WHO questioned marathi maanoos!) expect from the political parties (read: shivsena, mns, congress, bjp, everyone!!) in this grave situation. It was the duty of the security force, correct?...And we do admire them for their courage!

But you may not disagree that these political workers might have contributed by donating blood for sure. And they haven't used this opportunity for their poor political gains. They will NOT dare to do so, correct?...At least You will agree upon this!

But it was totally a biased view from a renowned tv channel like NDTV. Some sick people are using media in a wrong way and NDTV should have acted responsibly in this dire situation.

I highly condemn such untimely and shameful act done by a reputed TV channel like NDTV. It was really unfair on the part of MARATHI manoos!...


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