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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will you help terrorism??

Will u help terrorism?

How much u will pay to support terrorism?

I know... you will throw the answer as 'NO' immediately to the person who asks such a foolish question.

Now, the facts...

We knowingly/unknowingly pay Rs 12 Crores to terrorism.


Most of the Indians(staying in India or abroad) download MP3s of new Hindi movies/albums from the site regularly. is a Pakistani site.

It makes profit of Rs 12 Crores per day & it supplies all this illegal money to terrorism .
Using this site simply means supporting terrorism. Now, the same question again...
Will you now knowingly pay Rs 12 Crore per day to terrorists?
If the expected answer is again NO then please don't use site to download songs.

Don't support Terrorism. Don't use

.pk (available to anyone; used by companies, individuals, and organizations in Pakistan)-->

[All the facts as per research by TV9 News Channel]

If you are an Indian and you can never forget 26th Nov'08, don't use

Please click on the below link if u don't believe..


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