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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Professional courses available in Pakistan now

Professional courses available in Pakistan for those who finish their madrassa studies and wish to go for higher education:

JEE - Jehadi Entrance Examination

IIT - Islamic Institute of Terror

IIM - Institute of Infiltration Management

CAT - Career in Al-Qaeda & Taliban

GATE - General Aptitude in Terror and Extremism

B.E. - Bachelor of Extremism

M.E. - Master of Extremism

B.Sc - Bachelor of Scientifc Terror

M.Sc - Master of Scientific Terror

B.Com - Bachelor of terror communication

M.Com - Master of terror communication

LLB - Bachelor in Lies and lustful behaviour

LLM - Master in Lies and lustful behaviour

TOEFL - Test of Endurance in Foreign Land

MBBS - Master of Bomb Blast Strategies

MBA - Master of Bomb Administration

IAS - ISI Aided Savagery

GRE - Graduate in RDX Explosives

B.Tech - Bachelors in Terror Ttechnology

M.Tech - Masters in Terror Technology


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