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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Black and Grey Market in India...!!

The Black market:

India has both organized and unorganized (or traditional) channels
for selling goods. Smuggled goods such as food items, computer parts, cellular telephones, gold and a vast range of imported consumer goods are routinely sold through the thriving "unorganized" sector or black market. By avoiding taxes and customs duties and using cash transactions, unorganized merchants offer better prices than those offered by the organized sector. However, with liberalization and more and more foreign companies coming into India, the volume of business in smuggled goods has fallen significantly. Most products sold on the black market previously, are now sold through direct channels.

The Gray Market:

The Gray Market, an unofficial market in which new issues of shares are bought and sold before they formally become available for trading on the Stock Exchange and new hardware is bought and sold before it becomes legally available, is a significant threat to the legitimate Indian computer hardware and mobile phone industries. The Gray Market in India has seen significant expansion in recent years. According to the Manufacturers Association of Information Technology (MAIT), Gray Market operations as a proportion of the total PC market in India, are likely to be the highest in the world. Though statistics on this issue are currently not scientific, the immense size of the Gray Market the PC market is likely mirrored in most tech industries in the country.


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