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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time to Laugh..........

A pregnant lady went to an astrologer.
Astrologer: When u deliver a baby, baby's father will die.
Lady: Thank god! My husband is safe!
Beggar: Saab Bara Rupayya do na coffee peeni hai.
Man: Lekin coffee to Che Rupayee ki hai?
Beggar: Par saab girlfrend bhi to hai.
Man: Bhikari hokar bhi Girl Friend banali.
Beggar: Na saab, Girl Friend neh Bhikari bana diya!
A cute Nurse came 4 the interview.
Dr: What salary U Xpect?
Nurse: Rs.10,000.
Dr was overjoyed & said: My Pleasure.
Nurse: With pleasure it's 25,000
Which is the most confusing day in America?
Fathers day!
There's a small gap between confidence and over-confidence. You can kiss
your girlfriend is Confidence. Only you can kiss your girlfriend is Over-Confidence.
A motorist hit a sparrow. He took d unconscious bird, put in cage with
bread & water.
Bird wakes up, luks around & screams: Aaila Jail !!! Have I killed the motorist


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