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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Officer:What Is Your Name
Candidate:M P. Sir
Officer:Tell Me Properly
Candidate:Mohan Pal Sir
Officer:Your Father's Name
Candidate M P. Sir
Officer:What Does That Mean
Candidate:Manmohan Pal Sir
Officer:Your Native Place
Candidate:M P. Sir
Officer:Is It Madhya Pradesh
Candidate:No, Munnur Pal Sir
Officer:What Is Your Qualificatin
Candidate:M P. Sir
Officer:(Angrily) What Is It
Candidate:Metric Pass
Officer:Why Do You Need A Job
Candidate:M P. Sir
Off:And What Does That Mean
Candidate:Money Problem Sir
Off:Describe Your Personality
Candidate:M P. Sir
Off:Explain Yourself Clearly
Candidate:Magnanimous Personality Sir
Off:This Discussion Is Nowhere, You May Go Now
Candidate:M P. Sir
Off What Is It Now
Candidate:My Performance
off:m p
off:mentally puncture


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