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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friendship ...

Its friendship.......

When a person calls u by a stupid name and never by ur own name.....

When they always get angry, whenever u tell them that u r busy and cant reply...

When they tell u everything about themselves even if its embarrassing...

When they come to c u, whenever they get a chance....

When u argue with each other on stupid things and then end up laughing....

Celebrate with ur friends......

Friendship is not about "I m sorry" its about "abbe teri galti hai"

Friendship is not about "I m there for u" its about "kahan marr gaya saale"

Friendship is not about "I understand "its about "sab teri wajah se hua Kamina"

Friendship is not about "I care for u" its about "kamino tumhe chhod ke kahan jaunga"

Friendship is not about "I m happy for ur success" its about "chal party de saale"

Friendship is not about "I love that girl" its about "saalo izzat se dekho tumhari bhabhi hai"

Friendship is not about "R u coming for outing tomorrow" its about "nautanki nahi, hum kal bahar ja rahe hai"

Friendship is not about "Get well soon" its about "Itna piyega toh yehi hoga"

Friendship is not about "All the best for ur career" its about "bahut hua, abhi toh switch mar saale"

It's amazing when strangers become friends, but its sad when friends become strangers. I never want to lose u my friend!

I met u as a stranger.
Now i have u as a friend.
I hope we meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends.

"If friendship is your Weakest point then you are the Strongest person in the world"

"Value has a value only if its value is valued..."


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