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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Laptops getting stolen....

During the last month, most of the laptop getting stolen by strangers are happening in various places. All of them are related to thefts of laptops and personal belongings out of the office.

In the first incident, one laptop was removed in Barcelona airport from a carrying tray after passing the x-ray luggage checking point of an airport.

Another laptop was stolen from the interior of a car parked in Tarragona after breaking one of the car windows.

The last one occurred in Barcelona airport. Two colleagues from Horgen arrived to the airport. After turning out of the rental car parking lot, they were blocked by a motor bike in front of a pedestrian crossing. One of the drivers of one of two other motorbikes stopping at the rear of the rental car punched the rear wheel. After 800 meter drive they felt the problem and stopped on the security lane on a bridge and they realized a flat tire at the rear right. When they started to set-up the warning triangle behind the car they were approached by a motorbike driver in a dark uniform type cloth, yellow protection jacket (security guard like) and helmet, who advised them in broken English/French to drive down the next exit, since he pretended the change of wheels on this narrow lane on the bridge is not only dangerous, but forbidden and will be fined.

They followed the advice and drove down the next exit and stopped the car on a construction site entry away from the main road. In order to take out the replacement wheel, they emptied the trunk and put the suitcase and jackets on the rear seat and started changing this wheel. Right now another motor bike driver (similarly dressed in a ‘security style jacket’, just like the one before) stopped and tried to convince them, that this place close to frequently passing trucks is dangerous and he ‘offered’ to move to a nearby garage. He pointed in the direction opposite the car and while, a red car stopped behind their back and a guy must have opened the rear left door and stolen their jackets and bags lying on the rear seat. They realized being robbed only after finished the wheel change and wanted to place their stuff back into the trunk.

In order to avoid this type of situations, or at least minimize their probability, we can take some preventive actions:

In the office:

Desk clean policy.
Keep your personal belongings secured under key.
Use the Dock Stations for laptops and take out the key.
Keep your office lock with key when you are not in.
Close buildings and warehouses when are unoccupied.

Out of the office:

Do not leave your luggage unattended at any time. Special care is needed when you place your carry on luggage with your laptop on the belt of the x-ray machine.
Lock your car when unattended and avoid leaving valuables in the car even if locked in the glove box or trunk.
Lock the car during driving to prevent people from getting in the car during stops at traffic lights.

Do not trust on foreigners.


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