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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Punctuation is powerful

Here's one true incident

I hope u know Pu.La.Deshpande (PL) - the renowned Marathi writer.

Now, P.L had another writer friend - Mama Varerkar.

PL once met Mama Varerkar's wife at the market place and said the following :

"Mi tuza navara tu maazi baaiko aapan udya picturela jaauyaa"

Obviously Mama Varerkar was quite furious when he learnt about this and came to PL's house demanding an explanation.

PL said coolly, "I didnt say anything wrong, I was just planning a cinema outing for both the families.... What I said was :

Mi, tuza navara, tu, maazi baaiko, aapan udya picturela jaauyaa..."

Translation in English:
1. I your husband you my wife will go for a movie tomorrow

Now, with punctuations:

2. I, your husband, you, my wife will go for a movie tomorrow

Such is the importance of punctuations and resultant pauses.

and yes all of them went for a movie the next weekend.


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