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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Have a Positive attitudeā€¦

When your boss says - "You have screwed up this module"

Smile - it means "the other modules were good"

When your boss says - "I am not going to let you go early today evening"

Smile - It means "you can come late tomorrow"

When your boss says - "Do the documentation"

Smile - it means "Relax dude, you've done enough of coding, time to give your brains a break"

When your boss says - "You do nothing but just surf the internet"

Smile - it means "Dude, now I know where all that knowledge comes from"

When your boss says - "Why does nothing work on your machine?"

Smile - it means "I am thinking I could rather give you my laptop"

When your boss says - "Would you stop talking on your mobile phone?"

Smile - it means "Use the office phone instead"

Keep Smiling..


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