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Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is Same ....

20 years back - School bag.
Today - Office bag.

20 years back - Four Lines Note book.
Today - HP Note book.

20 years back - Hero Ranger.
Today - Hero Honda.

20 years back - Half pants.
Today - Full pants.

20 years back - Playing with plastic car running on battery & remote.
Today - Playing with metal car running on petrol and gear.

20 years back - Scared of Teachers and exams.
Today - Scared of Bosses and targets.

20 years back - Wanting to be class topper.
Today - Wanting to be 'Employee of the month'.

20 years back - Quarterly exams.
Today - Quarterly results.

20 years back - Annual School Magazine.
Today - Company Annual Report.

20 years back - Annual exams.
Today - Annual appraisals.

20 years back - Pocket money.
Today - Salary.

20 years back - Waiting for festival crackers.
Today - Waiting for festival bonus.

20 years back - Running after grades and prize cups.
Today - Running after incentives and promotions.

20 years back - Craving for the latest toy in the market.
Today - Craving for the latest gadget in the market

20 years back - Eager to watch the latest cartoon show.
Today - Eager to watch the latest blockbuster.

20 years back - Crush on class mate.
Today - Crush on colleague.

20 years back - Fruity.
Today - Brandy.

So essentially nothing has changed Except the Age....!!


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  • At February 16, 2012 at 4:32 AM , Anonymous Alice Fi said...

    xD So true...


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