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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It appears very HEARTENING at least, majority of countrymen are behind the crusade against corruption
by way of expressing strong willpower towards JAN LOKPAL BILL. However we should do introspect
ourselves in our thought process, attitude at home itself. Though following points may appear silly but
paying attention on the small things can make ourselves better and create a better society.

1. We (majority of our countrymen) are used to spit on public places and road without having the
thought that it may affect others. Urinating in the open so common in the city area too and no
one spares a thought it makes place so unhygienic and may be a source of contagious disease.

2. Throwing gunny bags, scraps, on the road and drains is so common consequently choking of
drainage is not uncommon.

3. Patriotism is not just about hoisting tricolor flags; it is about how much one cares about
neighbors, society, country and fellow countrymen. But cheating fellow countrymen in govt
offices, always asking some favor in exchange of doing any work(for which the employees
have been recruited), the behavior of policemen to civilians in police stations, making lacs of
cases pending in courts, developing poor infrastructures(not as per standard) really force us to
seriously doubt over their patriotism and nationalism.

4. We don’t want to stand in queue instead want to bypass fellow countrymen standing in line. We
don’t wish to sense others pain.

5. If our family member or relative is govt employee, We(means majority of our countrymen)
use to encourage him/her for proceeding on leave without putting an application, for minting
money by any means, for not attending offices on time, not paying heed to the public. On the
other hand, if we face any difficulty with other govt. officials, we express great frustration. Why
such dual policy??

6. Look at the castes, community feeling in our society, our society still discourages intercast
marriages. Noticeably there was big news of murder as well for violating self styled KHAP
PANCHAYAT rules. Don’t you think this is corruption in our society?

7. Typically our society is male dominated and consequently we find restaurants, bars are flooded
with men except occasional few women. Majority of them don’t wish to go out on dinner with
family’s members. Men use to expend hundreds of rupees in bars for junk foods & alcohols
which are not in fact good for health. On the contrary they shall not be willing to expend on
every wishes of other family member (say wife and kids).What does it mean?? They don’t like to
share their feeling for food and fun with other member of their families. It is another example of
corruption in the thought process. Though things are changing but in dismal pace.

8. In majority of families in our society, we find that wives are forced to eat jootha(sorry I don’t
know the exact English word) left by husbands but husbands are not supposed to eat jootha
left by wives eventhough it is acceptable in bedroom during nighttime. Isn’t it fair to call it shear
It is so surprising to observe that in our society people are so scared of eating jootha even in
family and among friends. There is big misconception in that. In fact there is nothing wrong in
a group eating from a common plate unless someone from them suffer from any contagious

And so many prevailing traditions you shall observe at our home and surroundings which should be
given second thoughts. Once we study our social behavior we find



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