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Thursday, March 17, 2011

150 Rupees Coin

This is India's first 150 Rs coin released on 150 birth anniversary of Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore. ie 09-may-2010
You can see Rabindranath Tagore's image on one side and the picture of National emblem on other side.
The 150 rupee coin weighs about 35 grams.
The 50 rupee coin is 40 mm wide in diameter.
Coins are made of a metal alloy containing 50 percent Silver and 40 percent Bronze.

Upcoming coins in India :

75 rupee coin to mark 75th anniversary of Reserve bank of India (RBI)
100 rupee coin in the memory of Commonwealth Games.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Have a Positive attitudeā€¦

When your boss says - "You have screwed up this module"

Smile - it means "the other modules were good"

When your boss says - "I am not going to let you go early today evening"

Smile - It means "you can come late tomorrow"

When your boss says - "Do the documentation"

Smile - it means "Relax dude, you've done enough of coding, time to give your brains a break"

When your boss says - "You do nothing but just surf the internet"

Smile - it means "Dude, now I know where all that knowledge comes from"

When your boss says - "Why does nothing work on your machine?"

Smile - it means "I am thinking I could rather give you my laptop"

When your boss says - "Would you stop talking on your mobile phone?"

Smile - it means "Use the office phone instead"

Keep Smiling..